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Brand Awareness Solutions

Launching an online brand awareness campaign will make local customers familiar to your brand. EmergeLocal is ready to help your brand launch a brand awareness campaigns based on your target customers.

Youtube Advertising

Statistics shows that 37 million Filipinos are responsible for 844 Million of video views a day on YouTube. YouTube is popular in the Philippines, Filipino viewers are spending over one million hours to watch YouTube videos everyday. EmergeLocal helps your brand to be in front of those viewers and take advantage of the YouTube Platform.

Google Adwords (Display Advertising)

Google Display Network has the largest reach of any ad network. EmergeLocal helps your business to be found by customers while they are browsing websites and blogs that are relevant to your local target market. EmergeLocal helps your business stay in front of your local target consumers even after they leave your website.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the number 1 social networking site with a massive number of daily local consumers. In the Philippines, Facebook has 30M active monthly users that spend an average of 522 minutes per month. EmergeLocal helps you launch online campaigns to tap your local target market who are in Facebook Platform.

Drive Conversions Solutions

Digital Marketing allows you to reach your target local customers and helps bring qualified leads to your business.

Google Adwords (Search Ads)

There are over 33 million internet users in the Philippines and they are increasingly looking for local services online – Google search has more than 82% market share in the Philippines. EmergeLocal will place your business in front of prospective customers in your targeted geographic area at the crucial moment when the user is looking for your product or service.

Google Adwords Remarketing

Google Adwords Remarketing targets users who have visited your website and shows to them your ads as they visit sites on the Google Network Display. 

Facebook Retargeting

Staying top of mind and staying in front of your consumers who have previously visited your website is now possible on Facebook Platform using Facebook Exchange (FBX). EmergeLocal can help your business generate more conversions and reach more consumers by using Facebook Exchange.