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MarkeThinkers Podcast Episode #004: Trendjacking – Is it a Big Opportunity or a Quick Win?

04 August 2021

MarkeThinkers Podcast’s fourth episode is now up with a new topic on digital marketing. If you have never heard of trendjacking, tune in to know what this is all about! Gerone Jan Baladhay, a Campaign Specialist at Emerge, joins us to talk about Trendjacking on social media. Are you aware that this strategy is widely used nowadays as marketers aim to become consistently relevant to their market? Good thing Jim and Carissa will discuss the new face of what’s trending, share stories of excellent and lousy trendjacking, teach how to employ techniques to get your brand noticed, and more!

Time-stamped Shownotes:

[3:00] What is trendjacking?
[5:19] Is trendjack for everybody?
[6:56] How to find a trend to hijack?
[7:28] 3 things to consider before trendjacking?
[11:04] Social listening
[13:50] Is trendjacking worth the effort?
[15:43] Lifecycle of a meme
[18:07] Should a brand hijack a trend?
[21:34] Signals and signs to watch out for trendjacking
[24:52] Examples of trendjack on social media
[29:45] Key takeaways
[36:11] Extra: Fast Talk

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