BCRemit Achieves 57% Increase In OFW Remittances

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Reach the 2,000 mark monthly transactions and engagement on their page

BCRemit is a Filipino Fin-tech company based in the UK. It’s the only remittance company that offers sending of money without a physical location. Their mobile app, website and call center are the primary drivers of their monthly transaction.

Since the launch of the company, they’ve been active on social media and have various services including government contributions, corporate payments, and many more.

Having active on social media is not enough because they haven’t been able to reach the 2,000 monthly transactions since the launch of the company.


Overhaul the existing campaign strategy and launch digital ads

We believe that the company has a brand promise that is unique to its competitors.

We highlighted their unique selling propositions including the lowest transfer fee, high exchange rate and 24/7 customer service in their social media posts, ads, and emails.

We incorporated relatable posts which we call “micro-trending” to appeal to the Filipinos in the UK.

In terms of advertising, we used Facebook and Google ads to build our remarketing audience so we could stay on top of the mind of our target market.

We nurtured the existing customers and people who registered on the website and app but haven’t done any remittance with email marketing. We also conceptualized contests to increase the number of transactions on the app and website.

Our team implemented our proven smart digital marketing approach that reaches out to BCRemit’s target audience. Below is a visual campaign that explains our 4-step strategy comprising Build, Acquire, Engage, and Measure.


  • Solutions
    • Responsive Website
    • Landing Pages


  • Solutions
    • Display Banner Re-targeting
    • Search Keywords targeting
    • Facebook Ad Engagement


  • Solutions
    • Re-marketing
    • Email Marketing


  • Solutions
    • "Digital Plumbing" to track users who take call to action.


1MAd Impressions
14%Engagement Rates
3700Monthly Transaction


57% increase in monthly transactions and 14% engagement rate

Through the implementation of our social media strategy, contest, digital advertising, email marketing and landing page optimization, BCRemit turned the 1,900 to 3,700 monthly transactions.

The engagement rate on the page increased from 7% to 14%. BCRemit fans started to engage on the relatable posts

With continuous analytics and reporting reviews every month with the client, their campaign strategies have been largely aware and ROI-driven.