Increase in Enrollees for International School for Culinary Arts & Hotel Management in 3 months

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The company built a strong presence on Facebook and has been generating engagement on their page. Their challenge is to create an awareness on Google Search and on the entire web.


ISCAHM was looking for a better way to increase their number of potential enrollees. We came up with variety of strategies to help them achieve their goal.

We've implemented our proven smart digital marketing approach that reaches out to ISCAHM's target audience. Below is a visual campaign that explains our 4-step strategy comprising Build, Acquire, Engage, and Measure.


  • Solutions
    • Responsive Website
    • Landing Pages


  • Solutions
    • Display Banner Re-targeting
    • Search Keywords targeting
    • Facebook Ad Engagement


  • Solutions
    • Re-marketing
    • Email Marketing


  • Solutions
    • "Digital Plumbing" to track users who take call to action.


11.5MAd Impressions
34KAd Interactions

In the end, ISCAHM was given a significant growth in revenue from digital marketing campaign. We’ve generated 224 of leads and increase their website traffic by 100% in just 3 months. Month over month, the number of leads they’re receiving are increasing. The number of Facebook engagement they’re getting gives them a steady flow of leads, thus resulting to more than 110K likes.